Trip Report: Kauai 2012 (part 8) Napali Coast Boat Ride


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Sheraton Kauai resort and spa
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Kayaking to Secret Falls
Queensbath and Hideaway Beach
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Napali coast boat ride
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Food and Drink of Kauai


Napali coast boat ride

We booked a Napali coast boat tour through the St. Regis Princeville concierge. There are several options of tour operators and a variety of boats and each offers something different. We decided to go with holoholo as it offers a small raft type boat that can get close to the shore and is more maneuverable than some other vessels. It can also go into some of the caves if the surf isn’t to rocky. If my memory is correct this cost about $120 per person for this 3+ hour trip.

We of course woke up early to meet at gathering point which was in Hanalei. There was a total of about 10 people joining us on this trip. The raft can hold around 20-24 from memory. We were taken 4 at a time on a smaller boat out to the main raft.  We chose the seat in the very front of the boat which was not the best idea but turned out ok.  If you have back problems or don’t like the wind hitting you, don’t take the front seat. When you hit the waives at high speed the raft becomes sort of an amusement ride.

They provide lunch for the passengers.  Mainly deli sandwiches with chips, fruit and beverages.  However it is highly possible the food we ate (which was catered from a local restaurant) got us sick.  The water was somewhat murky so most of the passengers didn’t go into the water. We did have a laugh when even the captain said “I wouldn’t go in that water, its too murky and you don’t know whats swimming around you.”  Two guys jumped in for a quick swim but the wife and I just enjoyed hanging out on the boat talking to the other passengers.

DSC00659  Heading out towards our raft

DSC00662 DSC00664
Pack of dolphins right next to us

DSC00665   DSC00669
Beautify Napali coast

DSC00673   DSC00679 DSC00680 DSC00683
Amazing water color

DSC00684 DSC00685 DSC00686 DSC00687
Some of the caves we entered briefly

DSC00690 DSC00693 DSC00694 DSC00695   DSC00698    DSC00704 DSC00705 DSC00706
This is Kalalau valley, we were at the top of this earlier in our trip

DSC00708  DSC00710
Us on the raft with Napali coast behind us

DSC00713 DSC00714  DSC00716 DSC00717     DSC00723
The captain threw in some Fritos and the fish were there in a second!

If you look close you will see many birds resting on the rocks

We really enjoyed this little excursion as we got to see a lot of the island from the ocean and next to taking a $300 per person helicopter ride this is the best way to see the Napali coast!



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