Trip Report: Kauai 2012 (part 6) Queensbath and Hideaway Beach


Intro & United economy plus Chicago to Lihue
Sheraton Kauai resort and spa
Waimea Canyon
St. Regis Princeville
Kayaking to Secret Falls
Queensbath and Hideaway Beach
Hiking Kalalau Trail
Napali coast boat ride
Grand Hyatt Kauai
Westin Princeville
Food and Drink of Kauai


Queensbath and Hideaway Beach

In researching our Kauai trip before leaving I heard of this Hideaway beach and I thought it would be cool to find it and check it out.  I knew it was right next to the St. Regis so we walked just a bit past the parking lot and just past some tennis courts and there is a small path that leads you to a stairway.  This is not any normal stairway though!! It is the steepest, tightest stairway that simply gives way to a dirt path and a rope!!!  You need to hang on tight (for dear life) with both hands to make it down and up.  I tried to make a video of us going up the stairs while holding my beach bag and the camera however about 1/3 up the path I realized it is impossible and ended up grabbing the rope to help myself up.

It is a nice, small beach with not too many people. There is plenty of clean sand and places to lay out.  Plenty of shade too if you don’t want to get burnt.  The water does have quite a bit of big rock/boulder/coral as you get about 5-10 feet out but plenty of nice blue water to play around in.

If this lady can make it down so can I!

Hideaway Beach

Hideaway Beach

Wife at the beach

Nice old tree for shade at the beach


Not very far from Hideaway Beach, maybe about 20 minutes walk in Princeville is the start of a path to Queensbath.  Queensbath is a natural ocean pool inlet where crystal clear water comes over the rocks and creates this bath or pool area.  However it can be VERY dangerous!!!  If the tide is rough or many times in the winter it is not safe to go into Queensbath.  When we went the waters were calm luckily.

Nice waterfalls and rivers leading to the ocean

On the path to Queensbath


DSC00525 DSC00527
Getting closer to Queensbath

Walking over the lava rock

People coming in behind us

Nope, not Queensbath

DSC00531 DSC00532
Awesome green color against the black/grey rocks

DSC00533 DSC00534 DSC00535
Wife in front of the Pacific Ocean

Queensbath in all its glory

My wife enjoying Queensbaths crystal clear water, even the guy with the cast had to go in lol

Hanalei Bay

People on the left jumping in from the top of the rocks

The surf trying to come over and in to Queensbath

Small waterfall on the way back up after leaving Queensbath

Queensbath has some of the most clear water I have seen with many small fish swimming around. One couple was even snorkeling around in there.  I would highly suggest taking a quick afternoon visit to swim in both Hideaway Beach and Queensbath (just be careful)!  Let me know if you have questions on how to find these hidden gems!



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