Trip Report: The Villages/Orlando (part 3)


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Feb 2-Feb 4 Superbowl weekend

The Villages/Orlando (part 1) Southwest Airlines flight Milwaukee (MKE) to Orlando (MCO)
The Villages/Orlando (part 2) Hanging out in The Villages (Food and Drink)
The Villages/Orlando (part 3) Southwest Airlines flight Orlando (MCO) to Milwaukee (MKE)

Southwest Airlines flight 1247 Orlando (MCO) to Milwaukee (MKE)

We had a nice three day weekend visiting family and getting some sun! However Monday came and it was back to reality.  We were dropped off at the airport and my wife and sister in law checked there bags at the curb. I normally don’t do that and just check the bags at the counter, I felt bad as I didn’t have any cash to tip the guy. The security lines in Orlando are always fairly long in my opinion and this time was no different.  We booked these tickets before I had a chance to add my trusted traveler number to our Southwest accounts thus we didn’t have precheck but going forward we should be all good.

We grabbed a snack at the food court in the terminal and waited to board. Our boarding positions were quite spread apart since we were at the bar drinking 24 hours before the flight and missed the T-24 checkin by a few minutes.

Our plane to Milwaukee

Our bird getting loaded up

A48 about 1 or 2 minutes late so not bad

Lined up and ready to go

One of the few times I got the window
On the runway just before full thrust

I grabbed a row a few seats behind the wing on the window and my wife got the middle and sister in law on the isle.  This flight had wifi unlike our flight on the way to Orlando so I was able to watch some TV (Vanderpump rules in fact! Don’t judge!). The flight time is about 2.5 hours so not a bad flight at all.
Bye Orlando

Blue skies and green grass, we won’t be seeing that for a while

Back to Siberia…er.. Milwaukee

Over lake Michigan

Its always kind of depressing  when we get closer to Wisconsin and you start seeing snow 30,000 feet below you. Actually once we got to southern Indiana there was snow on the ground pretty much all the way up to MKE.

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

I broke down the points redemption for our flights in part one so I won’t go into full detail for this post as well. But as always its $2.50 per person one way so it was $10 total out of pocket and 18,960 Rapid Rewards points for this redemption. I still have over 50,000 Rapid Rewards points and I am hoping I can get about three more round trips out of it possibly four more.

We enjoyed our mini trip and look forward to having my wife earn the companion pass for next year as mine expires at the end of this year. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for reading!




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