Trip Report: Puerto Vallarta (Part 8) American Airlines economy PVR-DFW-ORD



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Puerto Vallarta (part 8) American Airlines economy PVR-DFW-ORD

American Airlines flight 1074 Puerto Vallarta (PVR) to Dallas (DFW)

We had a fairly early departure time of 8:20am leaving Puerto Vallarta.  We were sad to leave but eight nights was just enough time for this trip.  We got up early and got a cab to the airport.  The airport was very empty at around 7am when we arrived to checkin.  It appeared like we were the only flight!  While checking in there was a hound in a cage being checked in for the flight as well and it was wailing and whining so hard in the cage, I felt bad for it.

Thats our bird to Dallas

My boarding pass

Very clean and quiet terminal

Wife heading to row 24


Forward shot of the cabin

Got her window seat so all smiles

They eventually started to board and frankly it seems half the plane is eligible for priority boarding these days.  Quite the line for the priority lane. Anyhow once on board we quickly settled in and of course my wife grabs the window and Im in the middle seat however the flight turns out to be not even close to full.  A younger guy sits next to me in the aisle seat. As the flight attendants start the safety demonstration I notice the entire row next to me is empty.  Since nobody else is boarding at this point I kindly point out to the guy next to me that if he wants he can grab one of those seats so that we have more room.  He notices and nods his head in agreement however he doesn’t move?  I was puzzled. We actually take off and he is still sitting next to me with three empty seats across the aisle.   After about 20 minutes in he finally jumps over the empty row but he tries to do it like he’s sneaking around and its against the law to change seats. Anyhow it was nice to spread out a little bit when he moved over.
Im always belted in while seated


Flip-down IFE screens

I was kind of confused as the plane had the new livery and it appeared to be somewhat like a newer plane on the interior except it had the older looking seats. Oh well.  The flight was smooth and just over 2 hours we were in Dallas and of course as I detailed in an earlier post we stopped at the Centurion lounge.

 American Airlines flight AA 2311 Dallas (DFW) to Chicago (ORD)

We then had to connect onward to O’Hare but due to mechanical issues we were delayed by 2 hours!  The big issue here is that my wife was going to take a flight to Denver from O’hare for work and she built in about 2.5 hours between arriving in Chicago and her UNITED flight to Denver.  This means she is unprotected and United doesn’t have to do anything if she misses her flight!  When we realized she wasn’t going to make her flight to Denver we asked the gate agent if he could get her switched over to the AA Denver flight that was leaving in like one hour however he couldn’t change the destination.

Anyhow after changing gates and bringing in a new (old) plane we were set to board 2+ hours late.

Our original gate but we had a gate change due to delays

This plane was wide open and maybe 50% full

AA economy

Ginger ale sitting next to me since I had an empty seat to my left

Not a single soul in the middle seat on my side of the plane?

No IFE on this plane but it got the job done and we touched down in Chicago finally.  I now had to grab my bus to Milwaukee and my wife had the task of convincing United to put her on a later flight to Denver (which they did thankfully).

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

As I detailed in part one of this trip report we chose to use British Airways Avios points for the outbound and inbound flights. The flight home was 15,000 Avios points and $58.46 per person.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 9.46.25 PM online price quote

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 9.56.50 PM
Email confirmation

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 9.59.14 PM
Confirmed booking

I find Avios points very easy to use and again they are very easy to obtain via multiple cards and card issuers. We had a great trip thanks to Avios and Starwood points!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions about booking the airfare or any other segment of this trip report! This is what points can do for you to!!




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