Trip Report: Puerto Vallarta (part 7) The Food Scene


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Puerto Vallarta (part 7) The food scene
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The Food Scene


The Blue Shrimp

Our first full day in Puerto Vallarta we walked the Malecon and finally got hungry at the time we got to the Blue Shrimp.  We took a peek at the menu and went for it.  The property is right on the beach and has good views.  We were seated right away as it wasn’t very crowded at around 2pm. We promptly ordered margaritas as usual! The margaritas packed a punch and were good.  We proceeded to order an appetizer and I ordered the Portuguese shrimp and my wife got the coconut shrimp.   Wow, the Portuguese shrimp was very, very good! It was wrapped in bacon so how could it be bad right!?  I will say the vegetables served with the shrimp were cold and not very good.  Overall this was a very good meal aside from the vegetables and we would return however its not a “must do” in my opinion. They also have a location in Punta Mita as well if you are looking for something closer to the St. Regis.

The Blue Shrimp

Our first round
Our appetizer

Portugese shrimp

They lit the entree on fire for a moment

Coconut shrimp

The full table

Catch of the day
LaLangosta Feliz

BEST. SEAFOOD. EVER!    Just a few blocks away from the Sheraton in Puerto Vallarta we  walked to LaLangosta Feliz (trip advisor link as they don’t have a website) per recommendation from the Sheraton concierge.  It was a nice walk as we got to see an actual neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta with schools and a fire engine and such.


We were seated upstairs and there are some decent views of the city and some hills.  The waitstaff was very good and it seemed they worked in a team as we had 2-3 different staff checking on our table and helping us.  Before we ordered a waiter brought over the platter of seafood that is on offer so that we can see what we wanted to order.  The platter was full of tasty lobster, shrimp, clams, kabobs and more!! The seafood is all caught that day and brought over to the restaurant for preparation and consumption.

Some of todays catch

Chips and salsa and guacamole

Enjoying lunch

We ended up ordering the seafood platter for two!  When it arrived we were in shock as it looked so big especially after scarfing down chips and guac! The platter came with  lobsters, sea bass filet (wrapped in bacon), a few jumbo shrimp, crawfish and carrots and rice.


Wife eyeing up the lobster of course

Wow wow wow

So good

I went through about 15 napkins de-shelling the shrimps and whatnot!  The seafood was marinated in garlic and butter and also came with a separate dish of butter.  All I can say is it was soooo good!  We tore it up and there was pretty much nothing left aside from a bunch of dirty napkins.

The happy lobster statue



I would say this is a “must do” if you enjoy seafood and are in Puerto Vallarta especially close to the Sheraton.  If I am back in PV I will most definitely come back!!!



Our last meal in Puerto Vallarta was at LeKliff.  This is a romantic establishment about 30 minutes away from our hotel.  It is set on a cliff thus the name.  We made an early reservation to make sure to get there while the sun was still up to enjoy the views out to the ocean.  The concierge called ahead to make reservations for us.  When we arrived there were only a few tables occupied.  The seating is somewhat tiered or on different levels.  If celebrating a special occasion I think they will try to get you a better table.

Le Kliff exterior

Le Kliff entrance

Le Kliff entrance and lobby area

The guests at the lowest level have the better views.  We were seated on the second tier which allows for good views but the thatched roof comes down too far thus some of the view is obstructed. However your are more than welcome to walk around the many trails down to the ocean while waiting for your food.

My wife on the second tier and you can see the lower tables in the background

Ocean view

Our view

Menu-tilt your head to the right to read it 🙂

Margarita and red wine

Wonderful views here

DSC05060  DSC05062 DSC05063   DSC05066    DSC05070
Walking down to get a closer look

One of the lookout spots above

DSC05072 DSC05073 DSC05074  DSC05087

DSC05088 DSC05089
The restaurant above

DSC05090 DSC05091  DSC05093 DSC05094 DSC05095
Lovely colors hitting the water

The soup

Portobello entree

Coconut shrimp

Coconut shrimp skewers


At the end of our meal we were joined by some coati or raccoon type animal.  The staff then started throwing bread at them and more came out.  Then people started to gather around so I had to see what was down there.


The animals looking for food.

The food overall was good. Nothing extraordinary in my opinion but the setting is really nice and worth it just for that. However visiting one time is enough and next time I am in PV will try something new.


Si Senor

The one restaurant we ate at in Punta Mita outside the St. Regis was Si Señor.  Si Señor is very close to the St. Regis and if you really wanted to you can walk it however we took a cheap cab into town.  We had a later reservation and it was already dark when we arrived thus no view for us.

Si Senor entrance

Sorry for the bad menu shot

We were seated close to the beach and there was a HUGE table actually on the beach. There must have been some sort of rehearsal dinner as there were about 40 people at one long table. They helped keep us entertained though!  We had some margaritas with our buddy Don Julio to start. They also come along to show you the catch of the day selections.  Four very large fish tied to a plank that are displayed to you at your table and you can chose one if you prefer or simply order off the menu.  My wife did order the grouper.  I stuck to the Mexican combination plate.

Wow, todays catch

Very big fish to chose from

Blurry tamale shot

I love a tamale

My wife’s grouper

My combination platter

We both enjoyed our meal here.  I thought the margaritas were very good and the tamales were so soft and flavorful!  Given the limited eating selections in the area this is a place I would recommend if you want some variety outside of the St. Regis.




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