Trip Report: Maui (part 7) Conclusion


Andaz Maui
Road to Hana
Mt. Haleakala and Molokini
Westin Ka’anapali
Food and Drink of Maui


We hated leaving Maui! It was time to go back to cold Wisconsin and the nasty winter weather.  We had an 11pm flight out of Maui and landing in LAX early the next morning. Then we had to connect in SFO and then finally land in MKE at 4:30pm in the afternoon.

In the beginning I was curious to compare Maui vs Kauai.  Now that we have been to both islands and had a pretty good chance to explore each (10 days in Kauai in 2012 vs 6 days in Maui) we both concluded we liked Kauai better.  Maybe because it was our first time in Hawaii?  The natural beauty of Kauai is just so hard to top.  The scenery is amazing there. Now Maui has great variety and also many, many amazing locales but the smaller Kauai is just better to us.  Maui has “more to do” as far as shopping and food and beverage. We felt Kauai had more to do “outdoors” even though it is smaller.

If its someones first time to Hawaii a great idea would be to split these two islands maybe 4 days each.  That would be just enough to do a lot of the “must do’s” on each island.  Our next Hawaiian island will be the big Island and then Oahu last.  Perhaps we could do Molokai and Lanai together on a separate trip as well.

DSC00427 Kauai sunset 2012-Hanalei bay


DSC04180Maui Sunset 2013

We were so very thankful to be able spend this time together and to see another beautiful place on earth.  This trip was not close to being free between the many meals and excursions there are still many costs to a trip like this however to pay less than $20 per ticket for our airfare and five of hotel nights being free aside from the $30 per day valet parking fee is what makes it possible. That is only due to points and miles. A Thanksgiving trip like this to me is taking miles and points to the pinnacle and the reason I am writing this blog! I want other people to be able to see these amazing places with their own two eyes!

I hope you enjoyed our trip report and let me know if you have any questions about planning your own Hawaii trip. Thanks for reading!



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