Trip Report: Ireland (part 9) Food and Drink of Ireland


Part 9

Food & Drink of Ireland

So this post is just going to cover some of our favorite eating establishments and pubs while in Ireland.


We loved O’Neils! We had our latest night in Ireland at O’Neils and stayed till bar close. It can get a bit crowed and tough to find a seat. We got lucky after walking upstairs and found a table after some people just left.  They have really good portions of food and the food is hearty Irish food-Shepards pie, stew, bangers and mash, lots of meats and potato dishes. They also did a great job making my wife’s Irish coffee (hand whipping the cream right there at the bar)!  They played live music most of the night in the area upstairs where we were sitting so it was great to hear traditional Irish music and have a great meal and some beers!

DSC02845 How many drinks have you had young lady?!

DSC02847 Stew

DSC02848 DSC02849 DSC02850  DSC02852 Having some beer with good tunes.

DSC02853 They pulled the girl in the stripped shirt up on stage to do some traditional Irish dancing. It was funny as she tried her best.

DSC02855Last call


We stopped at O’Donoghues  on our very first night in Dublin. This is a long running establishment famous for live music! We had our very first Guinness in Ireland here. We went fairly early and the place is kind of divided into two. One side was pretty much the music section and the other side was more of the bar section.  There were no seats left in the music section so we decided to simply have a seat at the bar for a while. This is one of the most famous pubs in Ireland and we had a good time.

IMG_1031 First few sips of the Guinness going down good! (sorry for the iPhone pics)

IMG_1032Bartender took an iPhone shot of us at the bar. I am one beer up on the old lady here! 🙂

Paddy Cullen’s

Another evening we stopped at Paddy Cullen’s to have a beverage or two. Paddy Cullen’s is kind of removed from the heart of Dublin thus we had to take a cab or it would’ve been maybe 45-60 minute walk. It was a nice evening and so they were plenty of people seated outside on the sidewalk they have an outdoor seating area.  We went inside to get the ambiance.  It was not very crowed inside on the night we went so we sat at the bar and ordered some beer and had a dessert. All in all this was a pretty typical bar. The nice thing is they did have some american sports on TV so if you wanted to catch a game they may have it here. We enjoyed ourself but this is not something that I would do again as its kind of far out and there are plenty other bars in the heart of Dublin or simply in the Temple Bar area.

DSC02960 DSC02959 DSC02958 DSC02957 DSC02956


Cork- The English Market

In Cork we stopped at the English market to have some lunch.  We chose an establishment upstairs to have a nice view of the market below.  This was a very nice place to have a meal due to we were sitting on the balcony ledge and could see all the shoppers selecting their fresh groceries from the vendors.  When time to order I tried the tripe with blood sausage!! The waitress had to explain to me what it was and admitted she has never had it and asked about 3 times “are you sure you want this?”. When on vacation  I like to try the local food and this is a dish that Cork is famous for.

DSC03173 The tripe! Cow intestines and hardened blood! Was not my favorite but it was OK.

DSC03174 DSC03175  DSC03177My wife’s lunch

I would suggest if your in Cork to visit the market even if you don’t eat there. Many consider it the best covered market in Ireland and the UK too.


Sage was one of my wife’s favorite dinner spots on our trip.  Sage is located in Midleton so not to far from Cork. This establishment is more cozy and sophisticated. I would say this is a great spot for a dinner date. They try to use locally sourced ingredients for all the dishes and serve some of Irelands best micro brews.

DSC03236 Trying the Green Bullet

DSC03237 DSC03239 DSC03240 DSC03241 The apple fritters to start! They were great!

DSC03242 DSC03243 Another local beer.

DSC03244 My dish, the chicken- it was great!

DSC03245The beef for my spouse.

I am pretty certain that if we are close to Cork my wife will want to dine here for dinner again!

The Danny Mann

What a great establishment! We were walking around Killarney and had no idea where to eat. We walked past the Danny Mann earlier in the day and since we were close to it again at dinner time we just decided to stop in.  This is a MUST DO in Killarney.  The food is average at best but the atmosphere and the live music were amazing. The entertainment on this evening was the Celtic Whispers and they killed it. Great Irish music! There was also a curling match going on in the other section of the pub with TV’s and a rowdy crowd watching the game.

DSC03386 Man, look at the creamy, bitter head on these Guinness!! Go to Ireland just for this alone!

DSC03388 Average fish fry. This might have been the best one we had but we never had a great fish fry in Ireland.

DSC03389 DSC03391 DSC03392 Top off the meal with a wonderful bread pudding desert and an Irish Coffee!!! YUM

DSC03393    DSC03399  DSC03401


On certain vacations there will be a song that sticks in our heads and that will be like the theme song to our vacation.  Well our theme song was found here thanks to the Celtic Whispers.  Im going to add a video of our favorite song while in Ireland below so that you can get a sense of the atmosphere.


In Galway we had our best meal of the trip at McSwiggans! I had a chicken dish with mashed sweet potato and topped with some sort of amazing sauce and chopped veggies. You would think chicken and sweet potatoes can only be so good but these were out of this world.  I gave my wife a bite and she was begging for my whole dish! It was superb! Check out there menu online and you can tell this place takes its food serious. A nice thing is that this is also the cheapest place in Galway for a Guinness. It was only 3 Euro per Guiness here!

DSC03413 At the bar waiting for a table.

DSC03414 DSC03415 The dish of all dishes!! What a meal!

DSC03416 DSC03417 My wife had the steak.

DSC03418 A work of art! 🙂

DSC03419 DSC03420 DSC03421 Theres Hammer time and then theres Guinness time!

DSC03422McSwiggans entrance

If you are ever in Galway do yourself a huge favor and stop at McSwiggans for dinner!

These were some of our favorite places to eat and drink while in Ireland!


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