Trip Report: Ireland (part 7) Radisson Blu Limerick, Cliffs of Moher, Doolin Cave and Galway


Part 7

Radisson Blu Limerick, Cliffs of Moher, Doolin Cave and Galway

Radisson Blu Limerick

We packed up and checked out of what was our worst hotel stay in Ireland. A quick overnight in Limerick at the Radisson Blu which was about half way between Killarney and the Cliffs of Moher. I actually totally forgot to book a room for this night prior to departure! I only realized it on our first or second night in Dublin. We were driving to this property after a somewhat late night in Killarney at the Danny Mann’s! We had a blast but it was a long drive after a big night and it was around midnight.

When we arrived the exterior of the property is good. Looks like your standard hotel and it was in good shape. There was a wedding reception going  on this night so there were quite a bit of people going in and out the property and having a smoke outside. We were checked in OK however the rooms are just terrible. Frankly I wished we stopped in Sligo or managed just to drive all the way to Galway and got a room at the Radisson’s there instead.  I didn’t bother getting any pictures of this place (as it was late and I was tired and my camera battery was low) however in hindsight I wish I would have. I was afraid to even step on the nasty carpet barefoot. There were no North American adapters on the property to charge our electronics.  So of course my battery is on next to nothing as we are going to the Cliffs of Moher the next day. I called the front desk and the phone didn’t work-I tried several times.  I had to actually get dressed again and go back down to the lobby to ask for an adapter and they looked at me like I am crazy. However the Radisson Blu Dublin and Cork both were able to provide adapters. Basically the rooms are in MAJOR need of a refresh!! When we checked out we asked since we are gold can we stop in for a quick complimentary breakfast and that idea was rejected like a weak shot attempt against Dikembe Mutumbo!!  We then thought lets check out the buffet, maybe its worth paying!? Negative, the food looked horrible and we just left ASAP. I will never stay there again.

Cliffs of Moher

Well what a crappy day to see the Cliffs of Moher!!! The only bad day in 8-9 days in Ireland and it had to be here where we were outside the whole time basically. It was very rainy and very windy! The entire car ride up there it was grey skies and about 15 minutes before we got to the cliffs it started to downpour. We tried to wait it out in the car and sit in the parking lot for about 20 minutes but we finally decided to just make a run for it!

Now another negative to this visit is it was very crowded.  Partly because the rain pushed more people to be in the visitor center so when you walked in to the visitor center it was swamped-the gift shop and the cafe facilitates were tough. It was hard to get anything to eat and we were starving since we didn’t have any breakfast.

Eventually we made it outside in the still nasty conditions.

DSC03403Cliffs Of Moher entrance. Can you tell I’m freezing?!

DSC03404Probably the last place you want to wear a hat haha. Our hats almost flew off a few times!

IMG_0750 IMG_0751 IMG_0752 IMG_0753




This is another ‘must do’ on your first trip to Ireland however we wish the weather was better for this day. We really shouldn’t complain because we had GREAT weather the entire trip aside from this day. The next time we go back to Ireland I want to stop here again on a good day so I will try to plan for that next time.

Doolin Cave

A short distance from the Cliffs was Doolin cave and my wife wanted to stop in.  This is home to the largest stalactite in the world!  My camera was dead by now so there will only be iPhone photos to display (as were some of the ones above at the cliffs).

IMG_0770Cave entrance

IMG_0762The shaft from the bottom. Many stairs to walk down to get to the cave.

IMG_1067Me ducking and crouching through the cave.

IMG_1068Here it is. The big guy! Been there for millions of years and slowly getting bigger.


Lets start by saying I love Galway! However it is strange because I cannot pinpoint exactly why! We drove up from the Doolin cave to Galway and spent our last two nights in Ireland here. It reminds me a smaller scale Dublin, perhaps just not quite as crowded and still has most everything to offer.  We had our favorite meal in Galway at McSwiggans so make sure you check it out if you are ever there! We were also able to find a pub (the front door) that showed the Packer game vs SF 49er’s on Sunday night so we were able to watch a good portion of the game, which was nice. I will go in to more detail on pubs and such in a later post. It was a huge sports weekend in Dublin as it was the Senior Hurling Championship! Clare vs Cork and everyone was out at the pubs and watching the game! It was a huge event in Ireland so we were glad to be around for that even though we didn’t watch much of the game.

DSC03423Typical pub in Galway.

DSC03424Street scene in Galway.

DSC03426The city center area.

DSC03428Galway Cathedral where we attended mass in Galway.

DSC03429Walking over the bridge to get to the cathedral.

DSC03439 DSC03440We love visiting other churches on vacation.

DSC03441 DSC03442
PointsPinnacle Breakdown

The one night at the Radisson Blu Limerick costs only 15,000 points.


My email confirmation above.

So not bad at all. This was the cheapest room on the vacation using points only 15,000 Club Carlson points. Remember you get almost 100,000 Club Carlson points by simply opening their credit card and meeting the $2500 spend!  Not $1 out of pocket for this hotel.

In part 8 I will review the Radisson Blu Galway!


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