Trip Report: Ireland (part 6) City of Cobh and Ring of Kerry


Part 6                     

More Ireland!! City Cobh and Ring of Kerry!


Since we stayed in Cork we decided to take a quick visit over to Cobh for the day. It turned out Cobh was one of favorite parts of Ireland.  Its a small town right on the southern coast of Ireland. In the early 1900’s Cobh was called Queenstown and Queenstown was the very last port of call of the RMS Titanic.

We parked by a church which turned out to be St. Coleman’s Cathedral. This is one the tallest and most picturesque churches I have seen personally.  A wedding had just ended and the church was beautiful so we went inside for a minute to check it out.

DSC03184 DSC03186 DSC03187 DSC03188DSC03190 DSC03191




We then walked throughout the city center for a bit to take in the sights and sounds.


DSC03222 DSC03224 DSC03225

DSC03196 DSC03204

We visited the Titanic Experience in the heart of Cobh. This is similar to museum dedicated to the Titanic. We caught the last show of the day and it was just the 2 of us so it was nice to have the place to ourselves. When you enter the experience they act as if your a passenger on the Titanic. They give you tickets to the ship and then you board the ship and sit down and watch the events unfold. After that you walk through some exhibitions of rooms of the Titanic and some artifacts on the ship and such.

DSC03205EntranceDSC03206 DSC03207This is the original pier from 1912 that the passengers walked on to board the Titanic. The Titanic was too big to go through the channel to the dock so a smaller boat picked them up on this pier.

DSC03208 Menu from the ship.

DSC03209One of the first class staterooms.

Overall Cobh was a great place to spend a few hours during the day! We stopped and had a beer/wine before leaving this friendly seaside town.

Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is a full day of driving which is something I wasn’t prepared for. We ended up splitting time driving this scenic route. It will also put your driving skills to the test in many parts!!! The roads are very tight and twisty in many places however the views are worth it! This is some of the most natural beauty I have ever seen. Probably only parts of Kauai (Hawaii) were more breathtaking. Plan on devoting most of a full day to drive this route.  We definitely recommend doing this if visiting Ireland for the first time.

DSC03302Just started the drive and had to hop out for pictures already.

DSC03306Beautiful coastal views.

DSC03317Stopped of at a beach.

DSC03324 DSC03335 DSC03346A beautiful day for a drive!

DSC03347 DSC03348 DSC03349 DSC03350 DSC03363 DSC03364Lucky lambs/sheep!

DSC03365 DSC03366

DSC03374 DSC03375Lots of greenery.

DSC03383Sunlight creeping into the valley.


DSC03381Love the tree in the foreground.

Let me know if any you have any questions on any parts of the trip thus far! I am happy to help!

Part 7 will be showcasing our rainy day at the Cliffs of Moher and maybe my favorite city in Ireland-Galway!



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