Trip Report: Ireland (part 3) Activities in Dublin


Part 3

Activities in Dublin

(warning this may be a long post with many pictures! You have been warned!)

We stayed in Dublin for 3 nights and we had a lot of fun there! We explored the city as much as we could all while doing some of the typical tourist stuff. My wife did most of the research and I let her run most of the show as far as what we were going to do while in Ireland. So I will let the pictures do most of the talking in this post!

Hop on/off Bus Ride

This was a nice way to see Dublin and get around town. The tickets were good for two days and there were plenty of stops if you wanted to see something specific! There are several companies that operate the tour busses but we bought the Red Bus tickets.

DSC02775 DSC02777 DSC02782

DSC02790 DSC02795The famous double doors.



Grafton Street and around town

DSC02718 DSC02723 DSC02725

DSC02727 DSC02728 DSC02729 DSC02730 DSC02731 DSC02732



St. Patricks Cathedral

DSC02755DSC02758DSC02760DSC02862 DSC02864 DSC02891


Guinness Storehouse/Factory

DSC02822Pouring the perfect pint!

DSC02843Outside St. James Gate

DSC02836Top of the Guinness storehouse! Amazing 360 degree views!


Jameson Tour

DSC02920Please have a drink at the bar before starting the tour! The best cocktails!

DSC02943Middleton display

DSC02942Jameson tasting! I had mine neat.

DSC02936The whiskey at different aging stages in the barrels.




Trinity College

DSC02897 DSC02898 DSC02900 DSC02903 DSC02904




We hung out at quite a few pubs and restaurants while in Dublin.  I will compile all the places we eat and drank in one post towards the end!  We loved Dublin. It was such a fun place to hang out and plenty to see. We were really lucky as the weather was very warm for Ireland! We loved the Guiness!!!

The next installment in this trip report will be a review of the Radisson Blu Dublin!



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