Trip Report: Ireland (part2) The Westbury Hotel


Part 2

The Westbury Hotel

For our first night in Dublin I booked The Westbury Hotel!  I initially wanted to book the Westin however for whatever reason the hotel was pretty much full and the only available room was over $600 (no way as I wanted to use points). So I decided to try a GHA property!  Earlier in the year I took advantage of free status upgrade to Platinum so I wanted to see how that would go. GHA platinum gives you a free local experience, so in Dublin the options were tickets to the Jameson and Guinness factories and some other smaller gifts.  I booked this room on my iPhone while in a car ride months before my trip and when I went to select my gift I kept getting errors so I just skipped it and figured I can choose at the hotel when I checkin.  FYI that was a mistake! Whatever you do make sure you select your gift at time of booking or call in if you need to because the hotel cannot do anything for you, its all handled through GHA. So my gift was diddly squat!

DSC02715Hotel exterior

Anyhow our cab driver dropped us in front of the property and we were greeted and assisted by two nice bellmen. We were shown to the front desk and and the front desk clerk was super. VERY professional and was one of the best staff I had encountered. Realized we were tired from our overnight flight and wanted to get into a room ASAP.  He was able to get us a room within about 30 minutes. He suggested we head over to the lobby/tea area for a complimentary beverage and he would stop over to give the keys.

IMG_1030Irish Coffee!!

IMG_1029Waiting for my drink to cool in the lobby area.

As promised we received our room keys just as we finished and no charge for the drinks.  We checked into our room #438 which was kind of at the intersection of the hotel in which two hallways meet.  Looking out of the room you can see the other bank of rooms thus not much privacy. I was hoping to get something a little better but looking at the fire escape map on the back of the door most rooms were about this size.

IMG_0677Room entrance

IMG_0676Small room

IMG_0674Super soft bed (2 beds pushed together)

IMG_0675Desk and TV





Video of the room below.

We initially thought to go out and walk around right away however we were tired so we took a 2-3 hour nap to try to normalize to the new time zone. The bed was too soft for my liking. It was like sleeping in quicksand as I sank deep in the bed. The room was otherwise fine. The number one thing going for this property is THE LOCATION!!! It is right off of Grafton Street. I mean a 20 second walk and your in the heart of Dublin!! There is so much action on Grafton Street so this is a great hotel if you want to be close to everything. For this reason I would stay at this property again and would recommend it.  Also the price is good in my opinion and this was the only hotel night we paid for with cash while in Dublin. All the other nights we used points.

Before checking out we did have to sample “tea time” in the Westbury lobby since it was made to be a big deal by the staff.  It was quite nice and something totally out of the norm for us to have the tea and crumpets!! 🙂

DSC02737Finger food sandwiches



DSC02739Good assortment of sweets!

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

So no points were used on this first night in Dublin.  We paid a cash rate of 153 Euros. Which was about $200 all-in (taxes included) when we stayed. I think $200 for a night at a luxury hotel in the heart of Dublin is pretty good especially if I could have selected 2 Guinness storehouse tickets for my gift that would have saved about $40.



up next……what we did in Dublin!

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2 thoughts on “Trip Report: Ireland (part2) The Westbury Hotel

  1. I stayed at the Westbury about 10 years ago and really liked it. We paid more than $200. It was during their economic boom.

    we were upgraded to a huge room / mini suite but it was a bit noisy as there was a pub downstairs.

    Loved the neighbourhood.

    • Hi sami, yes the area/neighborhood is great hard to beat!!! Sounds like you had a lot better room than me! Nice upgrade! I guess GHA platinum is worth much.

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