Trip Report: Ireland 2013 The Gathering!!! Aer Lingus Business Class BOS-DUB

IRELAND 2013: The Gathering
Part 1


Ireland part 1 Aer Lingus Business class BOS-DUB
Ireland part 2 Westbury Hotel Dublin
Ireland part 3 Activities in Dublin
Ireland part 4 Radisson Blu Dublin
Ireland part 5 Rental car, Powerscourt, Glendalough, Blarney Castle, Radisson Blu Cork
Ireland part 6 City of Cobh, Ring of Kerry
Ireland part 7 Cliffs of Moher, Doolin cave, Radisson Blu Limerick, Galway
Ireland part 8 Radisson Blu Galway
Ireland part 9 Food and Drink of Ireland
Ireland part 10 Aer Lingus Business Class DUB-BOS

After our quick stay in Boston we were set to fly out to Dublin!!  This is a destination my wife really wanted to visit so she was pumped and I was excited to visit as well. First off I will say Ireland is a really good destination for using miles and points.  There is usually plenty of availability flying on Aer Lingus and there are several chain hotels serving Ireland! Club Carlson was our choice due to so many properties in different location in Ireland. I think this is a destination we can soon visit again due to how easy it is to get there and stay on points. We started booking this flight March of 2013, so about 6 months prior to the trip.

Ireland is a very fun country and also contains enormous natural beauty! I was surprised how much fun this trip was perhaps because I allowed myself to have low expectations thinking it would be cold and rainy and there would be too much driving during this trip! While there was a fair share of driving the trip in general was a blast!

Aer Lingus Flight EI138 Business Class

We checked in at the Aer Lingus counter at BOS and the flight was oversold so they were taking volunteers to be “bumped” for the flight. We politely decline and were issued our boarding passe-seats 1A and 1C were our selections. We were also presented with our lounge passes for the Aer Lingus lounge. The flight was scheduled to leave at 9pm and arrive at 8am in Dublin We cleared security and went right to the lounge. When we fist entered there were about 6 people relaxing however as time went on about another 10 people joined the lounge.  A group of about 6-8 middle aged men that were golf buddies kind of took over the lounge. They had a pretty nice selection of adult beverages and I got my last Sam Adams while in Boston there.

IMG_0667Aer Lingus lounge entrance (sorry for the blurry pic)

DSC02691 Aer Lingus lounge

DSC02692Champaign to kick off the flight!

Whats on the menu!?







DSC02704This was awesome!


DSC02707I had the chicken.

DSC02708Wife had the beef.

DSC02705Enjoying the flight in business class!

DSC02709Chocolate dessert

I thought the food was pretty decent actually. After dinner we watched a few movies and tried to sleep. The negative to this flight was the seats do not fully recline flat like many of the newer business class products. So while the seat will go back into a recliner like mode or it will angle flat which is not very comfortable when trying to sleep.  I pretty much just stayed up the whole flight. The flight was only about 5 hours and before you knew it we were in Dublin! We arrived around 8AM and we were tired! I enjoyed the flight and thought the service on the flight was very good!  Next we were hit with a hour long customs line!! However we eventually made it to collect our bag and grabbed a taxi to our hotel! It was cold and grey when we arrived that morning so I was thinking “is it going to be like this during our trip?”

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

We used a total of 50,000 British Airways Avios miles (25,000 per person one way for business class) and paid $111.14 in taxes and fees for this flight! British Airway miles are very easy to accumulate and we have earned and burned more Avios points then all other currencies by far! Chase offers a British Airways card and American Express Membership Rewards points can be transferred into Avios (usually with a nice 20%+ transfer bonus).



Above is our ticketed receipt!

Now below is a flight on a random date in April 2014 to see how much this one way is going for on Aer Lingus website.



Almost $3400 for one ticket one way LOL!!!! We paid $111!!   Thats why we like collecting miles and points!! No way we can afford that flight.  Now lets just look and see what the economy cost is for the same flight in April 2014.



Almost $1000 for a roundtrip in economy. Or Apples to apples $468.57 for the one way flight to Dublin from Boston in economy.

Hope you found part 1 entertaining! Part 2 will be showcasing our first hotel in Dublin the Westbury. See you soon.



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