Trip Report: Bali and Hong Kong (part 8) Activities in Hong Kong


Activities in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a lot of energy and tons of people almost everywhere you go!  We had the chance to explore quite a bit, however in the end, Hong Kong wore us out!!   Everyday we did at least some type of excursion or made sure to see some of the sites.

The Big Buddha

We took the subway over to the Island where the Big Buddah resides.  It was the longest subway ride we took while in Hong Kong requiring getting off the train twice if I recall from Kowloon.  Typically you can then take a cable car over the land all the way up to the statue but it was down while we were visiting! The alternative is a long, slow and winding bus ride but we made it to Lan Tau Island!!






DSC02302Lots of steps!

On the inside under the statue, is a sort of museum telling about the history of the site. However, it is quite the hike to get up there!!!

The Peak

One evening we went to the most visited attraction in Hong Kong-The Peak!!!  The lines were very long on the night we went and probably took about an hour + to get our tickets and get to the tram.  You are packed in the tram like a sardine and hold on for a very steep ride up the Hong Kong mountainside! However after the tram ride up and several more levels of elevators you get the views!

DSC02317The entrance

DSC02321Victoria Harbor and the back of the famous skyline.


IMG_0344The Peak

We stopped by a random temple one day.DSC02356



Ten Thousand Buddahs Monastery

We also stopped at the 10,000 Buddhas monastery another day.  The biggest downside to Hong Kong in June was the humidity!!!! Wow it was the muggiest and most humid conditions I have ever experienced!!  I paid the price on this day when we had to walk about 1000 steps to get up to the monastery!

DSC02370Only slightly lathered in sweat at this point



DSC02373Choosing to walk up more stairs- the entrance to the temple!

DSC02374View from the top.

DSC02375Did I mention it was humid?


DSC02382Lots of Buddha’s!

DSC02381Parting shot

We also went for a walk along the Avenue of the Stars to catch the “light show”!! Hong Kong has probably the most amazing skyline of any city in the world.  At about 8pm they have a coordinated light show synchronized to music for about 25 minutes.

DSC02403Hong Kong!

DSC02415Junk boat on the harbor during dusk. My favorite picture of Hong Kong!

DSC02427Bruce Lee

DSC02428Bruce Lee

DSC02431Random fan wanting a picture with me! I don’t know who they thought I was!?

DSC02430Random fan #2 also wanting a picture with me.

DSC02453Light show!

Po Linn Nunnery

We stopped by the Po Linn Nunnery one afternoon and took a stroll in one of the most peaceful parts of Hong Kong!

DSC02469 DSC02471 DSC02472 DSC02473 DSC02474 DSC02475 DSC02480 DSC02481 DSC02482 DSC02484 DSC02485 DSC02486 DSC02487

We also took a ride on the star ferry from Kowloon to central.

DSC02506Seat selection


DSC02508Our ferry

Tim Ho Wan’s

We had to have dinner at the famous Tim Ho Wan’s! It is the cheapest Michelin star rated restaurant in the world! It took us forever to find this location. It was actually in the subway and we kept missing or having to stop and ask people and hope they spoke English which a large percentage of people do in Hong Kong.  Once we arrived surprisingly we got a seat within a minute or so! However they cram you in and it is pretty much like sharing a table with someone. All the tables are completely pushed together and we were seated in the middle of a 3 table combination meaning when we were done eating first we had to wait to get up because my wife was trapped on the bench side in between two other people! The food was indeed good.  It would be hard to say Michelin star good but I am not a Dim Sum expert so the constant lines would say otherwise. About $20 was the final tally for our dinner.

IMG_0556 Some sort of meatballs and the tasty barbecue pork buns!

IMG_0557 mmmmmm…

IMG_0558 A little bit of everything

IMG_0559 Steamed egg cake for dessert!

IMG_0560 People waiting for a table.

Lastly we did a lot of city walking all over Hong Kong! Below are several of the busy street scenes of Hong Kong.

DSC02252 DSC02253 DSC02254 DSC02255 DSC02256 DSC02257 DSC02258 DSC02259

It was so hot and muggy while in Hong Kong most days that we limited ourselves to one activity per day then retreated back to the hotel.  I love a city with a lot of energy like Hong Kong but the humidity really sapped a lot out of us! We would return to Hong Kong but it would only be for a night or two max next time. Six nights was pushing it with that heat.

Up next will be a review of the Conrad Hong Kong!!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I just discovered your site from your interview on the MMS blog. Really enjoy your pictures and reviews. When did you travel to Hong Kong? We recently traveled to HK too (from 11.17 to 11.22) and found the weather was perfect! Not muggy at all.

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