Trip Report: Hong Kong and Bali (part 7) W Hotel Hong Kong



W Hong Kong

So this being our second time arriving at Hong Kong International Airport we knew the drill.  We hopped on the airport express and exited at  Kowloon station.  From there you take the elevators up however you don’t need to get a shuttle bus to the W since its conveniently located above the Kowloon stop and elements mall. So we just followed the signs to the W.

Checkin was a breeze, there was a small line of maybe 2 people. The hotel lobby is not on ground floor but the 2nd floor I recall.  The W staff was the most attentive W staff I have come across. They were offering to do pretty much everything which sometimes the W’s can be a lot of flash with less substance however the Hong Kong property was great all around. I had been in communication with the hotel director of rooms and requested an upgrade to harbor view if at all possible. When I was given the room key the front desk agent said I hope you enjoy your room but made no mention of an upgrade and I didnt ask. So I was pretty happy when I saw the room was indeed in the the corner when walking down the hallway.

We were given room 2717 which is a cool corner room.  It was kind of funny as there is a mirror directly in front of you as you open the door and I startled myself thinking I saw someone else in the room when it was just my reflection haha!  They had the music blasting as I walked in which isn’t a surprise since the W is more of a party hotel. The room was plenty big and had some interesting views out to Victoria Harbor.  Too bad the ICC building blocks a big portion of the view but that is a great building to have block some of your view at least.

DSC02236 Victoria Harbor view from the room-left of the ICC building.

DSC02237 Victoria Harbor view from the room-right of the ICC building.

DSC02238 Harbor activity  

DSC02234 View at night

DSC02235 View at night

IMG_0480 Room number display in the hallways.


IMG_0483Bedroom seating

IMG_0484TV, desk and minibar




Below is the full video walkthrough

We also stopped up to check out the pool as it is rooftop and right at the edge of the roof-partially enclosed by glass.DSC02244 Rooftop hot tub

DSC02245 Rooftop pool

DSC02247 Pool entrance/exit and lounge chairs.

DSC02248 Cool mosaic

DSC02249Pool view-opposite end

One thing I highly recommend is eating at Sing Yin restaurant which is located at the ground level of the property! It was probably my favorite meal while in Hong Kong. We had a lunch there that was several courses and about $30 per person but it was fabulous. Please check out the photos on there website for a better look as I didn’t take many pictures here.

IMG_0493Dim Sum course of my lunch at Sing Yin.

We enjoyed the stay at the property. The location in the mall and attached to the airport express, the nice bar/restaurant, the nice views in the corner room, and the super staff would make this a place I would indeed stay at again.  However there are so many excellent hotels in Hong Kong I would probably try somewhere else just to compare.

PointsPinnalce Breakdown

We stayed 2 nights at the W Hong Kong.  The rates ranged from $250-$400 a night depending on the time of year from what I have seen. The nights we stayed the rooms could have been had with taxes for about $300/per night. We paid using Starwood points however. This property is a Starwood category 6 hotel in the chain requiring 20,000 Starwood points points per night. My spouse had applied for the SPG Amex several months prior to our trip. With the card we got 10,000 points for your first purchase and an additional 15,000 points for spending $5000 within 3 months. So after you clear the spend hurdle your looking at 30,000 points minimum.  We transferred those points to my account which was enough to pay the difference as I had more than 10,000 Starwood points in my account but not enough for the full 40,000 required.


Room Rate $0

This points redemption was not ideal from a points per cent value. We only received 1.5 cents per point ($600/40,000). Typically I can get much better value and .02 cents per point is very reasonable however there are times where you can get almost 10 cents per point in very unique situations. However saving $600 is saving $600 and if your more points rich and cash poor this redemption can make sense!


The next installment of the trip report will be all the activities we partook while in Hong Kong!







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