Trip Report: Bali and Hong Kong (part 5) Four Seasons Sayan


Four Seasons Sayan

The final installment of the Bali portion of the trip report will be detailing the lovely Four Seasons Sayan. While we stayed 4 nights in Jimbaran Bay we then moved to Four Seasons Sayan for 3 nights.  They are really very different resorts with a very different feel. The Sayan property is set in a lush, tropical jungle setting.  Walking into the property amazing and it really knows how to make an entrance.  When you arrive you are greeted and given a small flower and escorted across a long suspended bridge over to the main building entrance. Here are some pictures of the property.

DSC01978Arrival deck.

DSC01980Walking down to the lobby bar level.

DSC02017Lobby seating (getting set up for a Balinese dance in the lobby).

DSC02022More lobby seating.  

DSC01988 Ayung river.

DSC01987 Pool upper deck.

DSC02088Pool lower deck.

DSC02086More lower deck seating with Ayung river views.

DSC01984The main building-hotel rooms exterior.

DSC02029Dance performance in the lobby.

Some photos of our one bedroom villa #52 below. I was really hoping to get a riverfront villa and that was one of the main reasons of booking with agent David O.  When driving us to our villa they informed me that they were not able to offer an upgrade as all the river view villas were full.  I was slightly disappointed but I was happy that I booked a villa at minimum however perhaps I could have booked a normal duplex room and got upgraded to our villa saving a few hundred dollars.  DSC02011Room Key.

DSC02009Entryway the villa.

DSC02209Living and dining area.

DSC02207 Looking back into the villa.

DSC02206 View from bedroom.

DSC02007 Shower

DSC02005 Closet space

DSC02004 Bathroom

DSC02002 Bedroom entrance

DSC02001 Bed

DSC01999 Entry area

DSC01997Villa Pool


Video walkthrough of villa below.


We enjoyed a tasty dinner after the Balinese dance performance in the lobby. The service was really well done. The Balinese people are the friendliest people we have every encountered. We loved the way they say “excuse me”. I will never get that out of my head especially at this dinner. There were so many courses and presented a few at a time. Each time a new course was delivered they would tell say “excuse me” and tell you about the dish. Sometimes there would be a line of 3 or 4 of young Balinese waitresses telling you about their dish. It was a great dinner experience.

DSC02053 Special dinner menu

DSC02218 Breakfast for the wife.

IMG_0424 Another days breakfast offering.

I will say maybe the only possible negative with this property was the breakfast was only average. We can get better breakfast at local joints in Wisconsin. However all in all we really liked the setting of this property. The staff was wonderful and we really like the room.   We did have the chance to visit Amandari to see what all the fuss is about. We got a tour of   one of the villas and had lunch there as well. It was funny as when we were talking over lunch we realized we were whispering to each other. That is how quiet it is there. We actually laughed and it felt like everyone was whispering or didn’t want to disturb a guest a table or two over.

DSC02100Lunch at Amandari.

All in all if I had to personally rank which hotel I liked the best I would give a slight edge to Jimbaran Bay only due to the feel of the hotel. When you walk or drive through a typical Balinese nieghborhood you see and feel those similarities at Jimbaran Bay as well. I realize the Sayan property is typically much higher regarded and has won more awards of distinction. The Sayan property is more modern and was recently refreshed and while it is super nice I felt you lose some of the Balinese elements at Sayan. Honestly though, you cannot go wrong with either property.

We loved our time in Bali and cannot imagine a nicer population of people! No violence, no rudeness, only smiles. Every interaction with a local was wonderful and they often made us smile. Thanks to the people of Bali for making this such a memorable vacation!

PointsPinnacle breakdown

We used no miles or points for our Four Seasons stay.  They have no redeemable points program however there are whispers that they are looking into perhaps rolling something out.  We paid cold hard cash and it was the biggest cost of our entire trip. You can simply check rates at their website if you want to visit.

In part 6 will be moving on to Hong Kong where we flew business class on the upper deck of a Cathay Pacific 747.


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