Trip Report: Bali and Hong Kong (part 3) Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay



About 4 hours after departing Hong Kong we landed in Bali (Ngurah Rai International Airport)!!!! I had paid for expedited VOA services through the Four Seasons which was $40 per person plus 21% tax. So when we deplaned we saw a petite Balinese woman holding up a sign “Mr PointsPinnacle”.  We were greeted and she grabbed our bags. I felt bad as she was so small and I could easily pull the bags along but she insisted.   She asked for our passports and the $25 fee per person that Bali charges for the Visa stamp to enter the country.  We waited for our one checked bag while she handled the Visa process.  Our bag came fairly quick but after about 15 minutes still no sign of our VOA rep!! I must admit I got a little nervous and thought maybe she just took our money and passport and hit the road! Lol  However she did make it back to us and we were all set. She walked us through the airport through the crowds and to our awaiting transportation- Toyota Kijang. We could  have upgraded to a BMW X5 for $80 I believe but the Toyota was very comfortable indeed.   The gentleman let us know that there is free wifi available in the vehicle and gave us some nicely scented cold towels. He also said we have access to an ipod in the back seat and we could chose whatever music selections we preferred. We didn’t take him up on the wifi or the music but instead eagerly looked out the windows at this new land.

On the ride to our resort the first thing we noticed was how many mopeds/motorbikes there were parked at the airport!!!! Thousands!!!!  It was amazing. The driver mentioned that it is the most affordable option for most of the Balinese people.  We would come to see later in the trip some amazing driving skills and several FAMILIES OF FOUR with a pet on one moped!!! And also some holding large objects while driving their mopeds-bikes, chairs and such!! The drive to the resort was not bad and within about 20 minutes we arrived!


We were greeted by the Four Seasons staff and welcomed also by two lovely young Balinese girls in traditional Balinese dance attire. They gave us flowers, much like you would get a leai in Hawaii.  All of our bags were packed up on a waiting golf cart or buggy and we were whisked away to our room with a bellhop driving and a front desk staff in the passenger seat with us right behind them.  Our room #284 was secluded in the very back corner of the property.  That was actually a positive because there are no rooms behind you or to the left of you. It was a very private setting. The only downside is that it is the furthest from the Sundara beach club pool.  We did not mind the walk however as the property is beautiful! We enjoyed walking the property every time.

ImageResort map- you can see our villa circled on the map on the left back corner of the resort.

The check in process was done entirely in room at the table in the living quarters.  Awaiting us at the table were some welcome beverages-a fruity martini type drink which was very good. We went over the reservation details and everything was in order. We were shown around the villa (all rooms are villas at this property) by the bellman and then once all was situated to our liking, the staff departed.  We booked our stay through David Ourisman, a travel agent for Brownell and a Four Seasons Preffered partner.  I have heard lots of good reviews for David so I wanted to give him a try.

The room was super! The entire resort really captured the Bali theme and essence of Bali.  Inside was another welcome gift: 2 bottles of Bintang and some fresh vegetable spring rolls, which most definitely hit the spot.  About 30 minutes after getting settled it started raining really hard for about an hour however that was about the only rain we encountered our entire week in Bali!

DSC01536Our in-villa plunge pool

DSC01534Dining/Living room area



DSC01540Desk and bedroom entrance

DSC01542Welcome amenity- 2 Bintang and some appetizers


DSC01548Indoor shower

DSC01551Outdoor shower

DSC01558Exterior entrance area to the villa


Video walkthrough of the villa

The property had anything and everything you could need. We enjoyed daily pool time at both pools. There is a Quiet Pool near the lobby area and more in the center of the resort and the Sundara beach club pool.  I don’t think I have ever seen a longer pool in my life!

DSC01571Looking up, to the top is the lobby

DSC01575Upper Quiet Pool

DSC01583Hot tub

DSC01770Four Seasons from about a mile down Jimbaran Bay.

DSC01623Sundara Beach Club Pool

DSC01621Sundara Pool the opposite direction

DSC01622Poolside Lounge Chairs

DSC01840Poolside libations

DSC01743Total relaxation

The beach was nice and clean-free of seaweed and debris. The tide was fairly low when we visited in mid/late June. They mentioned at high tide the ocean can wash over the entire pool area and they have had to close down for a day to recover from the flooding.  There is a very high sea wall and you can see a mark of where the water line is often.

DSC01615Sundara Pool and Bar. Very nice for an evening cocktail or four! 😉

DSC01639Pre spa refreshment

DSC01640Couples pedi! (good job ladies)

We had breakfast every morning, which was included in our rate. The breakfast was buffet style or you simply order ala carte if you prefer. The food was very good and we often went with the more traditional Balinese breakfast options, which were very flavorful and savory.

DSC01564Part of the buffet setup

DSC01568Plate #1 of breakfast! Where do I start!

DSC01569The wife loved the indonesian breakfast offerings! They were well made!


We did have two minor negatives during our stay however.  They mosquito netting in the bedroom had some very large red stains on it.  I don’t know why on earth they wouldn’t just replace it?! Housekeeping tries to hide it when making up the bed however if you actually use the mosquito netting its unavoidable. I meant to take a photo of the the offending stain but forgot before checking out.

Also one morning we had a 3rd guest sneak into our villa as my wife discovered in an early morning visit to the bathroom! Around 6-7am I hear my wife in a panic and hear her footsteps at about the same pace as Usain Bolt running the 100 meter dash! She then slid into the bed like Jackie Robinson stealing home plate! She was freaking out and breathing hard! I investigated and made sure to get a good photo of the perpetrator however!

DSC01737There he is!! Breaking and entering! HAHAHA  The biggest spider we have ever seen.

We called the front desk to deal with him as he was a big guy and I am not a fan of spiders (I can deal with daddy long legs only) or centipedes. A few moments later we have two of Four Seasons finest at in our villa with the spider killing device aka broom! Now I was forced by my wife to keep an eye on the spider while waiting for the staff to show up. Once in the villa I let them go to work!

DSC01738A split second after broom impact! Where is it?!?!?!?!?

Well after a good whack with the broom the spider hit the ground and they had difficulty locating the thing. It was found sort of under the tub still alive. They picked it up with their bare hands! I asked if that is a big spider to them and they said no thats a small one! They escorted it out of the villa and that was the last time we saw it or any other spiders. Well the rest of the trip we made sure to use the netting around the bed and checked our shoes before putting them on!

We felt this was a very solid 5 star accommodation.  The hotel scene in Bali is truly amazing as there are soooo many amazing properties to select from. I really liked the feel of this hotel because it felt similar to a balinese compound with the stone walls and manicured landscaping. There were several temples and places of worship around the grounds for the workers. A few occasions we noticed the employees praying or giving offerings to their Gods and it just made it feel like we were submersed in the Balinese culture. We would both recommend Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay for anyone looking for a beachfront resort in Bali!

DSC01861Balinese girls practicing the lovely art of Balinese dance in front of an on property temple. (we still want to adopt the girl in the green, what a cutie!)

PointsPinnacle breakdown

We used no miles or points for our Four Seasons stay.  They have no redeemable points program however there are whispers that they are looking into perhaps rolling something out.  We paid cold hard cash and it was the biggest cost of our entire trip. You can simply check rates at their website if you want to visit.

Part 4 of this trip report will detail the excursions we took part in and the sights and sounds of Bali. Thanks for reading!



5 thoughts on “Trip Report: Bali and Hong Kong (part 3) Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay

  1. We would really enjoy using American Airlines lounge passes when traveling to the East Coast Christmas Day. It would be a great present.
    Your blog is really enjoyable, especially the pictures. They made us think about going to Bali. It looks wonderful.

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  3. Great report! my family and I will be following in your footsteps this coming may/june and will be staying both at the jimbaran as well as the sayan property. We also utilized David for booking both of the properties as well as the four seasons in Hong Kong as well. We’ve had great experience with him thus far. How did you feel that his pull as a preferred partner affected your stays at the resorts? Were you upgraded, did you use the spa amenity etc? Anyways just trying to get an idea about what our stay will entail, we are extremely excited. any different or off the normal tourist path tips for bali? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Dawk, glad you like the report!! You will have an amazing time at these properties. This was my first booking with Davido and we enjoyed the free breakfasts everyday and i used the $100 spa credit at the spa at Sayan for a message which was nothing extraordinary but not bad. As far as upgrades go i didnt really feel we got any however I enjoyed both of our assigned rooms. I would recommend the rafting excursion in ubud. You can see our activites in the trip report so if anything looks interesting go for it!! Safe travels and i hope you have an unforgettable trip!

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