Trip Report: Bali and Hong Kong (part 2) The Wing First Class Lounge and Cathay Pacific Business Class HKG-DPS



We cleared customs in Hong Kong, which didn’t take more than 15 minutes and fumbled through the airport looking for the airport express.  We found it and went to the service/ticket counter to buy our tickets.  I believe it was $16 for 2 people one way or right around there.  We took the train into the Kowloon stop and once again fumbled around until we found the shuttle buses that take you to all the major hotels for free.  For this one night layover I chose the Sheraton Hong Kong not only for the location but the price was good at around $250 and it would help me get to SPG platinum status this year!  The drive to the Sheraton was only a few moments and there were only 2-3 other people on the shuttle. I will warn that the seats are tiny for a bigger guy (6-1 215lbs)!! It didn’t help that the shuttle drive was Dale Earnhardt reincarnated as he took the corners at what felt like 75 MPH and the luggage went flying all over the luggage rack!

DSC01486Shuttle bus


We walked into the Sheraton to check in and had a smooth check in at the front desk.  The hotel common spaces are certainly nice but nothing to write home about.  As a SPG gold member we were upgraded to a harbor view room!  Nice I thought until she says it is a smoking room!  We will pass. I asked if we could get a non-smoking harbor view room instead and of course those are all full.  So I just said any non-smoking room will be fine as it was getting late and we had to get up early for our flight to Bali.  We were given room 955, which was your standard Sheraton room. Nothing fancy, no frills but was clean and got the job done.  I am not a fan of the showers with only half glass covering the tub as it almost unavoidable to get water all over the bathroom floor!

We did stop to get a bite to eat at a Chinese restaurant within the hotel. Why not get Chinese food for our first meal in China.  Little did we know that this place was somewhat fancy and wow was it pricey!!!   We got there right before the 11pm closing time and the service was very good, lets just say too good with 2 people standing right over us the entire time!  It was insane and the wife and I had a chuckle and we were thinking they might as well sit at the table with us!  We had some scallops, shrimp fried rice and one or two other items that slip my mind.


overpriced dinner at a restaurant at the Sheraton

First meal in Hong Kong

The food was good but not $125 good!!!!! I couldn’t believe the price and hadn’t taken the time to do the USD->HKD conversion while looking at the menu!!!The next day we got up fairly early for our 10:20am flight to Bali.  We checked out and went outside and around the corner to the shuttle bus stop.  Within about 30 minutes from being picked up we were back at the airport.   You can actually check in for your flight right there at the airport express station, which is nice so you don’t have to take all your bags with you on the train. We checked in and were given our boarding passes and lounge passes. Since our flight to Bali was on a 2-class plane we flew business class. Our lounge passes also only granted us business class entry when we presented them. I found that strange and after sitting down for 5 minutes went back to the desk to let them know I was arriving on a first class flight and my connecting plane doesn’t have 3 cabins. They looked up my flight info and granted me access to first class right away.   It’s funny because at first the 1st class section of the lounge seemed smaller than the business class area.  It wasn’t until I walked further down and realized it was HUGE!!  I discovered the Champaign bar and had a few morning glasses of Vuvue Cliqot.  I also checked out the super nice private cabanas in the lounge where you can shower up or take a bath in style and offers a nice vanity area or you could even set up your laptop and get some work done or video chat in private if need be.

DSC01496Just a small part of the lounge  

DSC01507Lounge offerings


DSC01503Cabana Shower

DSC01504Cabana Tub

walkthrough video of the cabana

After about an hour to enjoy the lounge we decided to go down to the gate and board!  We were excited to get to Bali!


HKG International Airport
CX First Class CX785: HKG-DPS
June 17th 2013
Scheduled Departure: 10:20am
Actual Departure: 10:25am
Seats 15A and 15C

The plane was one of Cathay Pacific’s older planes with the old regional business class.  The Business class cabin was maybe 2/3 full.  The FA immediately came around to offer beverages and nuts.

DSC01511CX old regional business class

DSC01512CX old regional business class

DSC01513business class cabin

DSC01514Cheers to a good flight

The service on this flight was again very good.  The meal on this flight was actually better than the lobster I chose in the first class flight.

The IFE was on a loop thus if you waited in pulling out your IFE(in flight entertainment) from the armrest you would miss the beginning of the shows.  The selection was not very good and the image quality was just OK but it was enough to help pass the time. If you have a laptop or tablet I would suggest loading something on there to watch if you get stuck with one of these older regional jets with limited entertainment selection.

DSC01522Nice presentation!

DSC01526Tenderloin for the Misses

DSC01527I had the fruit for desert

DSC01528Almost to Denpasar!

Up next is part 3! Our Balinese adventure!! Thanks for visiting!






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