Trip Report: Denver (part 2) Activities in Denver


Ok time for some of the activities we took part in while in Denver!

Denver Derby

Now I am probably cheating just a bit as we didn’t actually attend the Denver Derby but we walked around the event as it was kicking off.  We got to see some pretty extravagant getups during the event and it looked very well attended! We were told this is kind of a big deal in Denver and is the biggest derby party outside of Churchill Downs. The tickets are somewhat pricey in my opinion but it is a charity event and the funds go to a good cause! Maybe next year we can attend it!

DSC01338All dolled up, looking sharp

DSC01339Making a grand entrance

DSC01340Good ole Phil McCrackin!

Great Divide Brewing Co

Colorado has an exploding brewery scene with tons of micro brews all over the area.  So our nephew suggested we check out Great Divide Brewery! They give hourly tours on Saturday and we sampled a few of the offerings which were quite tasty.

IMG_0269Great Divide Brewing Signage

IMG_0273Those Irish….

IMG_0272Fermenting Tanks

IMG_0270Brewing process

IMG_0271Tour guide in the hat

All in all we had a good time and the tour was interesting. If your in the area and like this sort of thing I would recommend it.

Rockies Game

Saturday evening we attended a Colorado Rockies game at Coors field.  One of my travel goals is to get a picture in front of every baseball stadium with Mrs pointspinnalce.  So we were able to check Coors Field off the list!

DSC01349Coors Field

DSC01353Inside Coors

DSC01354The nose bleeds!

We had a good time at the game! I couldn’t tell you who won or lost though. It was our great nephew Leland’s 1st baseball game as he is just a tike.

Cinco De Mayo

On Sunday we relaxed but did make it out for a mexican fiesta dinner to celebrate Cinco De Mayo!!  We ate at Casa Alegre mexican restaurant and it was great!  We are HUGE fans of mexican food so we love to try new places!  Our nephew suggested to get the large margaritas, large is an understatement!!  We didnt have much trouble polishing them off though!

DSC01364The first jumbo margarita!

IMG_0296Cant go wrong!

IMG_0297Flavorful dish + you must have a good base!

We then walked over to LuLus’s just down the street to put on the finishing touches of our night!  Have you ever heard the saying “beer after liquor, never sicker”? Well its true LOL! I dont have many pictures of LuLus’s but we did get these sweet can cuzy’s!  We also let the cat out of the bag on a 2 year practical joke on our nephew and as you can see below he was devastated! :)

IMG_0302We loved Lu Lu’s

DSC01367Finding out the truth

The folks at Lu Lu’s might remember us- we were the ones singing “I’ll make love to you”, by Boyz to Men at the top of our lungs during bar close!!!

What a trip!  This is a weekend that simply wouldn’t happen if we had to pay $250 a pop for airfare.  The southwest points were the difference in being able to take this trip and make it affordable to us. While this trip wasnt “free” it just shows you that you can get to a part of the world if you really want to without having to break the bank. Thanks to all of our family in Colorado for showing us a great time! Hope to get back in 2014 if not sooner!


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